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Meet dawn

I’ve always been one to love scents... lotions, perfumes, body spray, home fragrance items. When I began to research the candles I was burning in my home, I found that I was contaminating my air with harmful chemicals. My candle creations began just for myself and my friends so that we could improve the environment around us. My friends would tell me “you should sell these” and I never thought they would be good enough. However, after months and months of practice, videos, and trial and error, I realized I could make some wonderful creations that could help people and make them happy. “Makes Perfect Scents” was created to make a difference in people’s health and improve the environment around them. Everything used in the process of my candle making is eco-friendly right down to the wooden wicks, which are handcrafted in the USA and are made from FSC Certified Wood. Everyone loves candles, and now there’s even more to love with the relaxing, soft crackle of the wooden wick and the thought of the clean air around you while enjoying it.

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